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How2Exit: Buy, Don't Build - M&A of Small Businesses
E84: The Death of Mentors & Gurus - Asking ChatGPT AI to Learn M&A & How To Buy An SMB -How2Exit

E84: The Death of Mentors & Gurus - Asking ChatGPT AI to Learn M&A & How To Buy An SMB -How2Exit

The Death of Mentors and Gurus - How2Exit interviews ChatGPT to Learn About M&A And How To Buy A Business

In this conversation, artificial intelligence Ali Penman a pen name he gave ChatGPT by Openai, and the host of How2Exit discuss what an SMB is, why buy versus build as an entrepreneur, and the steps to acquire a business.

Ali Penman and Ronald Skelton discuss the reasons why an entrepreneur might choose to buy an existing business rather than start one from scratch. They also outline a potential project plan for acquiring a small or medium-sized business. Some of the key points covered include the importance of carefully researching and evaluating a target business, building rapport with the business owner, and identifying common ground and points of interest.

In order to buy a small or medium sized business, there are nine key steps that an entrepreneur should take. They cover: researching the market, identifying potential targets, sourcing deals, outreach, building rapport, negotiating, due diligence, closing, integration, evaluation, and. Each of these steps is important to ensure a successful acquisition.

Ronald Skelton also asked Ali Penman about the best ways to find potential acquisition opportunities. Ali recommended a few different approaches, including using online platforms, industry networks, and advisors. He also suggested networking and direct outreach as effective methods for finding potential deals.

00:00:00 Interview with Ali Penman, A.I. Bot
00:02:28 SMBs: Important Contributors to the Economy
00:04:21 Acquiring a Small or Medium-Sized Business (SMB)
00:06:04 The Different Steps of Buying a Business
00:10:35 Inquiry for Potential Acquisition Opportunity
00:12:18 Building Rapport with a Business Owner
00:13:49 Tips for acquiring a business.
00:15:14 Cognitive Bias and Loss Aversion in Business Negotiation
00:19:26 Negotiation Skills: How to Address Cognitive Bias and Loss Aversion
00:22:48 The Black Swan Group and the 7-38-55% Rule
00:26:19 Discounted Cash Flow Valuation
00:29:48 The Residual Income Model: A Method of Valuing a Business
00:31:36 Due diligence and integration in business acquisitions
00:46:48 Evaluating Financial Performance, Strategic Fit, Integration, and Customer & Employee Satisfaction
00:48:25 The Acquisition Process: Assembling Your Team of Advisors
00:50:03 The Acquisition Process: Key Questions to Ask
00:53:08 The Five Best Books on Buying a Small or Medium-Sized Business


Step by Step in detail plan of buying a small business.

Ali Penman By conducting commercial due diligence, you can gain a better understanding of the business's market position and competitive landscape and identify any potential risks or opportunities. This can help you make informed decisions about the acquisition and develop a plan for future growth.

The key takeaway is that I've spent 10's of 1000's on mentors and while I'll continue to support mentors, it will be more because of connections and networking than obtaining knowledge. AI has the answers.

Deeper by How2Exit -has moved
How2Exit: Buy, Don't Build - M&A of Small Businesses
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