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How2Exit Episode 62:Lowell Ricklefs - CEO & Founder of Traction Advising, and Investor.

How2Exit Episode 62:Lowell Ricklefs - CEO & Founder of Traction Advising, and Investor.

Lowell is the CEO & Founder of Traction Advising which specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies with greater than $5M ARR get acquired. Lowell’s been a Co-founder/CEO/Chairman, COO of a $120M public company, Startup CRO and Global VP Rockwell. He’s a Global Mentor, Investor, Board member and CEO coach.

His current business Traction Advising was started out of his frustration when he was in a buyer’s position. The investment banker model uses accounting/finance people trying to sell. “No one hires accountants to sell products so why hire them to sell a company?” Selling/Marketing a small SaaS company is more like selling a technology product than selling a financial instrument.

With company buying/selling experience of more than 30 organisations, he knows what internal stakeholders need to approve a transaction. As a founder/CEO he knows what it’s like to start up a company, build a product, hire employees, raise money, find customers, keep them happy and make payroll. He leverages this experience to craft acquisitions that get the best outcome for the founders/investors structured to maximize success.
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