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Acquiring Accounting Firms, Strategic Acquisitions --Deeper: QSBS Tax Magic 0 out Capital Gains

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Navigating Emotional Dynamics, Selling Technology Businesses --Deeper: Selecting and Vetting Leaders

Empire Building, Relationships That Lead To Deals Deeper: Understanding Search Funds and Resources to Get Started

Growth Expert, and Selling a IT/MSP - Deeper: A Strategic Guide to Acquiring a Small Business in Uncertain Times

A Serchfund Originator, and the Search for the Right Business Acquisition - Deeper: BOOOO! Avoiding The Scary Side of SMB M&A

Our First Guest Host, Buying Accounting Practices and The Path From Addiction and Homelessness to Building a Successful Business. - Deeper:The Perils and Payoffs of a Predefined BATNA

Deal Sourcing and Getting Started- Deeper: Use A Private Equity Fund to Buy or Sell Your Next Business

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Building a Fun and Profitable B2B SaaS and Securing Capital- Deeper: Acquisition to Retire" Strategy

SAAS Acquisitions & Leveraging Tech - Deeper: Moats and Competitive Advantage Matter in SMB M&A

JV with Training and Exiting Service Businesses - Deeper: The power of ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Programs)

Emotional and Practical Challenges of Business Transitions, Investing in Health - Deeper: The Art of the Exit: Timing and Strategies

Building a Hold Co. Deeper: Often Overlooked expenses involved in an acquisition

E140: Building A Diverse And Resilient Holding Company: Lessons From Trish Higgins

E139: Krystof Bartos Shares His Journey From Financial Advisory And Real Estate To The World Of M&A

Lessons from the OG's of M&A - Deeper: The Psychological Aspects of M&A: Seller's Remorse, Buyer's Anxiety, and More

E138: Seasoned M&A Professional Jay Rodgers Shares Insights on Buying and Selling Businesses

E137: Richard Parker Shares His 30 Years Of Experience In Mergers And Acquisitions

ETA Success and Selecting The Right Due Diligence Team - Deeper: EQ as You're Secret Weapon in Business Operations and Acquisitions

E136: Roman Beylin Discusses DueDilio And The Importance Of Due Diligence In M&A

E135: Sam Rosati On His Journey From Being A Lawyer To Becoming An Entrepreneur In The ETA Space

Focus When Acquiring Businesses - Deeper: Role of People in Mergers and Acquisitions

E134: Daniel Sweet Teaches The Importance Of Focus When Acquiring Businesses - 2nd Interview

Five Stages Of Raising Capital And How To Find The Right Investors - Deeper: The Power of Storytelling to Win in M&A

E133: Learn The Five Stages Of Raising Capital And How To Find The Right Investors With Will Sacks

The Art Of The Sale-Leaseback Free Roll- A Real Potential for Zero Down- Deeper - Ensuring Financial Viability When Buying a Business Using Heavy Debt Financing.

EP132: The Art Of The Sale Leaseback Free Roll - A Conversation with Chelsea Mandel

The Importance Of Due Diligence In Acquisitions- Deeper Strategic Targeting Acquisitions

E131: Elliott Holland Discusses The Importance Of Due Diligence In Acquisitions

The Impact Of AI On Mergers And Acquisitions - Deeper Finishing up Due Diligence

E130: Kurt Stein On The Impact Of AI On Mergers And Acquisitions In The Tech Industry

Mid-Market Lessons We Can Apply to SMB: A DEEPER Dive: Tackling Due Diligence Part 2.

E129: John Carvalho Discusses Mergers and Acquisitions in the Mid-Market

Chocolate Roll-Up and Maximizing Your Exit: A DEEPER Dive: Tackling Due Diligence Part 1.

E128: Gia And Walid Helps Business Owners Sell Their Companies And Maximize Their Exit

The Secrets To Selling A Business: A DEEPER Dive: Valuation and Negotiations

E127: Kirk Michie Discusses His Role As A Business Advisor And The Secrets To Selling A Business

The Process of Selling Your Business: A DEEPER Dive: Gathering Facts While Staying in Rapport

E126: Business Coach Wendy Dickinson Discusses The Process Of Selling A Business

Acquiring A Franchise In Need of a Turn Around: A DEEPER Dive: Buying a Franchise vs Independent Businesses

E125: Foot Solutions CEO John Prothro on Acquiring and Growing a Foot Wellness Franchise

Due Diligence: A DEEPER Dive: Personal Branding: Setting Up For The Search: You Are Who Google Says You Are

E124: Ahmed Raza: An Acquisition Entrepreneur Turned Founder And Due Diligence Expert

Value Creation And Growth Through Acquisition: A DEEPER Dive: How to Select the Perfect Business to Acquire Based on Your Skills and Desires

E123: CEO, Jonathan Wilson Discusses Value Creation And Growth Through Acquisition

A Conversation on Buying Pet Services, HR in M&A: A DEEPER Dive: The Power of SWOT

E122: Practice Leader Of Transaction Strategy And Transformation Group Discussing M&A Opportunities

Raising Capital and Adding Liquidity Others Can't: A DEEPER Dive: Creative Ways To Finance A Business Acquisition

E121: Richard Luftig On Powerful Technology Behind Castle Placement For Raising Capital

M&A Legals, Growth Via Acquisitions: A DEEPER Dive: The Role of Search Funds in Business Acquisition

E120: M&A Advisor Mathew Saur's Journey from Thiel College to Co-Founding Woolery & Co. in NYC

MSO/DSO PE Roll-Ups, Search Funder Success Story: A DEEPER Dive: "The Power of Networking"

E119: Eric Gall Founder Of Edison Business Advisors And A Registered Broker Based In Florida

E118: International Entrepreneur Carlos Rodriguez Laconi Discusses His Successful Exit Story

Lessons from Business That Didn't Sell, to Buying Shrimp Sorting Machine Mfg: A DEEPER Dive: How to Select an Advisor or Coach.

E117: Malcolm Peace Shares Journey To Successful Small Business Acquisitions - How2Exit

E116: Scott Duke: Founder Of OpnRoad - Navigating Business Transition And Building Sellable Assets

Built to Exit; Help for Small Deals: A DEEPER Dive: Identifying Potential Growth Opportunities

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E115: Serial Entrepreneur And Author Jeff Wald Discusses Path To Successful Exits - How2Exit

E114: Eric Grafstrom Helps Small Businesses with Selling Strategies and Valuation Tools - How2Exit

Integration; People, Process, and Systems & Industry Communities: A DEEPER Dive: Communications - Pre & Post Acquisition

E113: Tony Benedict In Merging Technology, Culture, and Processes for Innovative M&A Transformations

E112: Meriplex's Tech Industry Strategies with VP Of Corporate Development & M&A, Neil Medwed

Raising Capital, Content Media Empires & A DEEPER Dive: Competitive Advantage

E111: Uncovering The Rise Of Media M&A With Michael Fink, Co-CEO Of Treasure Hunter - How2Exit

E110: Founder Of Raises.Com, Natu Myers, Discusses Raising Investment Money - How2Exit

Growth Via Franchising, Built to Sell Makes it Worth Keeping & A DEEPER Dive:Micro M&A Strategies To Grow Your Business

E109: Jim Afinowich: Longtime Business Broker On Selling Strategies For Mergers And Acquisitions

E108: Shannon Wilburn: From Struggles To Success - The Journey Of Co-Founding Just Between Friends.

Creative Deal Structuring, Getting Max Value & A DEEPER Dive: A.I. In Our Future, Enabling or Disruptor?

Roland Frasier: Mentor, Investor and Business Strategist - Interview Highlights

E107: Mark Achler: Venturing Into Venture Capital: An Insightful Look Into The Exit Process.

The Ultimate Pay Day, Online Business Exits & A DEEPER Dive Into 51 Businesses Good In A Bad Economy

E106: Nate Lind - From Start-Up Success To Selling $100M Worth In Transactions as a Broker - How2Exit

E105: Christian Haack: Discusses Working Strategies To Achieve Your Ultimate Payday - How2Exit.

Maximizing Exit Value, It's a People Business, & a DEEPER Dive Into the Basic Psychology of Deals.

E104: Marc Morgenstern, Author, Mentor and Capitalist: Leveraging 45+ Years Of M&A Experience - How2Exit

E103: M&A Advisor Alex Nghiem: From Tech Burnout To Global Exit Expert - How2Exit.

Protecting Assets, Media, Roll-Ups & a DEEPER Dive Into the Basics

E102: M&A Attorney Joe Prencipe Explains When To Use An M&A Lawyer For Protecting Assets - How2Exit

E101: Acquisition Entrepreneur Gia Cilento Talks Roll-Ups In The Chocolate Industry - How2Exit

2 Advanced Online Business Market Places & a DEEPER Dive Into Using PPMs to Buy or Sell a business.

E100: CEO Of Flippa Blake Hutchison Discusses Innovations In Buying And Selling Digital Assets

E99: CEO Of Axial Discusses Selling Private Companies And The Necessary Preparations - How2Exit

Partial Acquisitions, Search Funds and Add it Back For Greater Profits On Exit

E98: Search Fund Expert Jan Simon On Entrepreneurial Acquisitions Journey - How2Exit

E97: Deal Maven CEO Discusses Benefits Of Partial Acquisitions & Reducing Risk In M&A Transactions

You Bought The Biz, Now What! Business Systems and ESOPs roll in M&A

E96: Gamifying Your Business for The Win W/ Steve Baker: The Great Game of Business -VP - How2Exit

E95: CEO Mark O'Donnell: Climbing Mount Whitney And Beyond With EOS Worldwide - How2Exit

Lawyers, Partners, and Hidden Information

E94: Hans Sperling Discusses Mergers And Acquisitions Transactions And Provisions - How2Exit

E93: CEO Robert Nance Shares Tips On Acquisition Entrepreneurship And Business Buying - How2Exit

E92: Certified Financial Planner Mark Willis Discusses Strategies To Maximize Your Money - How2Exit

E91: Meet Joe Burrill: A Flippa Top User and CEO of Justwebsitebrokerage.Com - How2Exit

E90: Christine McDannell of Magnolia Firm Helps Business Owners Achieve Seamless Exits - How2Exit

E89: Serial Acquisition Entrepreneur Wes Kauffman on His Journey and Implementing EOS - How2Exit.

E88: The Hidden Powers Of ESOPs in M&A w/ Larry Kaplan - at CSG Partners - How2Exit

E87: Jeff Evenson - West Point graduate and a Serial Acquisition Entrepreneur. -How2Exit

E86: Sir Darren Jacklin - Building a Portfolio of World Class Companies. -How2Exit

E85: Gregory Elfrink - Director of Marketing at Empire Flippers. -How2Exit

E84: The Death of Mentors & Gurus - Asking ChatGPT AI to Learn M&A & How To Buy An SMB -How2Exit